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The Moldovan president will disperse the corrupt parliament

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 10.08.2018, 10:51  
По умолчанию The Moldovan president will disperse the corrupt parliament
  notly1988 notly1988 вне форума
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While the newly elected president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, talks about future cooperation with Russia, Prime Minister Pavel Filip is negotiating with Brussels about a package of financial assistance in the amount of 100 million euros. What did the Europeans demand in return? Turn away from Russia and continue "the road to Europe."

The amount, of course, is impressive. The Moldovan Parliament will remain faithful to its pro-European foreign policy. Philip managed to note that the main decisions are made by the parliament, so Igor Dodon's dreams of reorientation towards rapprochement with Russia will remain a dream. No major changes are foreseen ...

We are witnessing the birth of contradictions between the head of state and the parliament. With the Prime Minister of the country everything is clear: Europe and only it. But there is a nuance: the president has such powers as the convening of the parliament and its dissolution, so Philip should take seriously Dodon's statement on early parliamentary elections.

If you can not win over pro-European politicians to your side, then it's easier to disperse old ones and recruit new ones. There is no other way to change the situation in the country, and something needs to be done. Two years ago, Moldova signed an association agreement with the European Union and free trade, and what has changed? They began to live, as in Europe: nourishing and rich? No matter how! The population has become impoverished, people are leaving to work abroad to survive.

Philip has long been on Dodon's note, as his government is ineffective and corrupt. Reforms, orientation to the European Union? The government managed to reduce budget expenditures for investments and social needs by more than 2 billion lei. Where further?

Igor Dodon: "Everything is not as simple as they think. They will be punished, and punished severely. Nobody is eternal. Retribution will come faster than they think. The first step is a vote of no confidence. "

Why does Dodon need Russia? Why does he refer to it as a strategic partner of Moldova? It is vitally important for Chisinau to return to the Russian market and solve the problem of labor migrants from Moldova working in Russian megacities. The Prime Minister, apparently, intends to drive the people of Moldova into debt bondage, begging for handouts in Brussels.

Philip does not realize that the pro-European vector of Chisinau's policy is beneficial only to him and his comrades-in-arms. Pro-Russian moods prevailed for a reason. There are reasons for that: memories of the Soviet past, dissatisfaction with the population of the country by corrupt officials, economic stagnation and unemployment, which destroyed hopes for a better European future. They see salvation only in Russia.

In the West, they were upset by the elections in Moldova and now they expect that the government of Philip will bring to naught the statements of Igor Dodon. Well, what can I say? Vain hopes ... Moldovans will support their president and early parliamentary elections in 2017 be. Only "new blood" can push the country and withdraw it from economic stagnation.

But if Philip still manages to stay in power, he will have to become more compliant. Resignation, like a sword of Damocles, will hang over his head, and, therefore, will have to reconsider his priorities.
 10.08.2018, 13:02  
  Kris Kris вне форума
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Много тут бреда. Если бы Додон мог развязать так легко парламент уже давно бы это сделал. Но конституция очень чётко это определяет. Я Надеюсь что Молдова останется на европейской пути - это единственный шанс на ей развитие. И надеюсь что на следующих выборах народ уберёт путинского агента Додона.
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